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Youth work and prevention: a conceptual framework in the Netherlands


Professional youth workers and their organizations pursue further improvement of quality and transparency in their work.

Political developments require to demonstrate the added value of professional youth work to active citizenship. Due to the complex, dynamic and interactive nature of professional youth work, the body of knowledge has been poorly developed. In this paper, we will present a conceptual model for methodic acting of professional youth work. The conceptual model is based on a mixed method design of literature review, document analyses, observations, in depth interviews with youth workers (77), and questionnaires (259 with youth that participate within youth work and 270 control group). Data is collected in 8 different youth work organisations in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Zaandam in the Netherlands. The result is a conceptual model for methodic acting of professional youth work: a multi-methodic approach that consists of thirteen methodical principles. These principles guide the interactions of youth workers with young people. There are indications that the combined use of methods contributes to personal and social development of youth, social support, and youth participation. This conceptual model is a promising framework for professional youth work that allows to legitimize the profession. Because the model is based on the integration of different studies, it is needed to test this model. In the study Power of Youth Work started May 2017, we examine this model together with 100 youth workers, 1600 young people and 11 youth work providers.

Reference Metz, J., & Sonneveld, J. (2018). Youth work and prevention: a conceptual framework in the Netherlands. 20. Abstract from Transformative Youth Work International Conference, Plymouth, United Kingdom. https://www.marjon.ac.uk/media/2018-website-images-gdpr/research/20-08-18-final-for-print002204-TYW-Conference-2018---A4-Programme-INNER.pdf
Published by  ARISI 1 January 2018

Publication date

Jan 2018


Judith Metz