Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Amsterdam Research Institute for Societal Innovation

Cultural and Social Dynamics

Our society is in a state of great flux, both in social and cultural terms. Tendencies such as globalisation, digitalisation and decentralisation are changing the design of the cultural and social sectors of our welfare state. The research group Cultural and Social Dynamics examines how Amsterdam remains viable in this context society, given its nature as a large urban metropolis.

How can our dynamic society retain its viability in social and cultural terms in a large city such as Amsterdam?

Changing cultural expression

How does the role of cultural expression change in such a dynamic, diverse society? How can community and participation be retained? By undertaking practice-oriented and theoretical research, the research group aims to find answers to these and other social and societal issues.

Equipping professionals to anticipate

Together with other professors, lecturers and students, the research group makes an academic contribution to the identification of developments in social and cultural practice in Amsterdam, thereby equipping established and upcoming professionals to anticipate changes in society in the best possible way.

Published by  ARISI 28 October 2019