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Legal Management

The increasing possibilities in the area of knowledge and information technology, increasing attention to compliance and legal quality care and the increasing range of positions within the legal profession are giving rise to new questions for the Legal Management research group.

How can legal services for citizens and organisations best be organised?

Quality of legal services

The quality of legal services is determined not only by the regulatory framework: the quality of the organisation is at least as important. Regulations that are not implemented or enforced, justice that can only be obtained at great cost or after a long wait, or which is poorly explained, is of low quality.

Best practices in organisation of legal services

Key themes within the research carried out by the Legal Management research group include de-legalisation, effective design of processes, use of digital aids and job differentiation. The research group identifies best practices in the area of the organisation of legal services, from which lessons for the future can be taken.

Published by  ARISI 12 February 2016