Aviation Academy

Aviation Operations Professional Master

Part-time programme for professionals in Aviation Operations

The Aviation Academy of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) is currently preparing for the accreditation of the Aviation Operations Professional Master (AOPM). We expect to offer this programme from September 2020.

The aviation operational chain consists largely of independent companies, each of which contribute their individual output to the final product. Tickets must be marketed and sold, passengers, baggage and cargo must enter the airport and board the correct airplane, customs and security must be cleared, and the aircraft must transport its load using established routes. No single company can deliver the complete product. All of these companies therefore depend on each other for the safe transport of passengers and cargo.

The Aviation Operations Professional Master programme responds to the aviation sector’s need to train staff at the highest professional level. Increased complexity caused by large scale operations at hubs, limited capacity throughout the aviation system, increased security, new legislation and environmental constraints severely impact the operational effectiveness of middle and senior management of operations department in airlines, ATMs and government agencies. The main players in the industry recognize that current education (non-aviation specific) combined with ‘training on the job’ is insufficient when it comes to preparing their managers for future tasks and challenges. The industry environment is changing rapidly, and management needs new input to understand and cope with the challenges ahead.

This complexity creates a demand for professionals with a new and different mindset based on understanding of operational processes across the complete aviation chain. They must be able to assess the consequences of a decision for all relevant organizations that play a role in the chain. However, the best decision for their organization may not be the one that is best for aviation in general. These professionals must therefore have the knowledge and skills –as well as a responsible and independent attitude – required to achieve the right balance.

From 2020, AUAS will offer the Aviation Operations Professional Master programme.

The AOPM’s goal is to prepare professionals and managers in the aviation industry to meet the challenges ahead. It further enables them to cope with the complexity of (day-to-day) operations within their own organization, while taking the operational processes of their industry partners into account.

AOPM graduates will have a broad knowledge of – and practical experience in – the day-to-day business of aviation operations. They will ask the right questions to help them deeply understand the problems at hand and analyse the data to find the optimal solutions. From an operations research point of view, they will look at problems from different angles and come up with new, innovative solutions. This thorough understanding of what is happening and what will happen in aviation operations will enable them to think of new solutions and then consider the higher order effects of these solutions. In other words, they will be future literate: they will be able to estimate how the aviation operations environment will develop and will then have the tools and skills they need to able plan and execute a strategy to influence and shape that process.

AOPM graduates will therefore serve as the linking pins between strategy, policy makers and everyday practice. Working in multidisciplinary teams, they will make connections within and between organizations in aviation operations by sharing information, engaging in collaborative decision-making, and motivating people to join them. They will become change agents as they bring aviation operations into the future.

The AOPM programme will be a two-year, part-time programme of 60 ECTS. This represents approximately 1680 hours of study. The programme will be offered through a blend of 20% working conferences and 80% online learning (groupwork and self-study). The 60 ECTS will be spread over seven modules and the Master project.

12 working conferences will be scheduled over the two years: seven in Year 1 and five in Year 2. The conferences will take place in Amsterdam or at the location of one of our partners.

Graduates will receive a Master of Science degree in Aviation Operations (MSc AO).

The AOPM programme is targeted at international aviation professionals who wish to take the next step in their careers.

One of the AOPM programme’s most important focus areas is that of connection and collaboration between the different organizations within the international aviation industry. We therefore aim to enrol a heterogeneous group in terms of work environments and cultural backgrounds. The programme’s working language will be English.

To be admitted to this programme, the applicant should have a European Bachelor degree (or international equivalent), as well as a three-to-ten years working experience in aviation operations. They must also be proficient in English. Candidates without a Bachelor degree but with aviation experience, such as an airline pilot or air traffic controller, may still be eligible to enrol provided they pass the selection and admission process.

AOPM participants must be currently employed in an aviation operations organization. This will enable immediate recognition and application of the theory, and the facilitation of an appropriate Master project. Participants must also be willing and have the means to attend twelve working conferences.

The AOPM programme is currently being prepared for accreditation. We expect it to be offered from September 2020. There will be a maximum of 24 seats available. A selection and admission process will be in place. If you wish to know more, please contact us at aopm@amsterdamuas.com.

The AOPM programme will not be funded by the Dutch government, and tuition fees will be decided shortly. Expenses for travel and accommodation for the working conferences are not included in the tuition.

The AOPM will be part of the Aviation Academy, which is part of the Faculty of Technology at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). The Aviation Academy was created to serve the European aviation industry. It aims to provide the current and next generation of aviation professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to meet the international aviation challenges ahead. The ambition of the Aviation Academy is to become the leading Professional Aviation Academy within Europe and a well-recognized partner for top aviation institutes worldwide.

The Aviation Academy performs practical scientific research relating to real-life cases and problems in the aviation sector, focusing on safety, MRO process improvement, and aviation capacity. Our goal is to improve and innovate professional practice. We perform all of our research projects in close cooperation with industry, governmental agencies and the scientific community. This ensures a solid connection with state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, as well as a focus on the most urgent problems and challenges on the shop floor.

Published by  Faculty of Technology 5 June 2019