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Aviation Academy Master programs

The global aviation industry is expecting tremendous growth during the next 20 years, with passenger traffic expected to increase at or above past levels. However, there are no signs that capacity at our airports or in our skies will substantially increase. At the same time, environmental restrictions are placing an additional burden on the sector.

Industry challenges

The challenge for the aviation industry is to optimize capacity utilization within the strict limitations that characterize this area. Further improvement in operations will require more intense collaboration and the alignment of procedures between all actors in the industry.

We also foresee radical changes in the MRO business. A variety of factors will dominate the future agenda in this area, including data analysis, compulsory safety management systems, cost control in the maintenance of new materials and production methodologies, and variable schedules.

To meet the challenges of the aviation industry, we cooperate with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to offer a state-of-the-art Master programme in Aviation Maintenance. We are also currently working on the development of a Master programme in Aviation Operations.

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Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 28 May 2021