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Amvedkar Abdoelkhan as Cloud Engineer @ Sogeti

Posted at: 11 May 2021 | Faculty of Technology

In 2019, Amvedkar graduated from the Aviation Engineering track. After that, Amvedkar obtained his master's degree Business with International Management at the Northumbria University in Amsterdam. Currently, he is working at Sogeti as a Cloud Engineer. He will tell us something about his experiences after graduation and his outlook on the future.

If this isn’t your first job since graduation: what were your others jobs at which companies?

After my bachelor at the AUAS, I completed the master Business with International Management at the Northumbria University in Amsterdam. Previous internships included those at the Flight Operations Engineering department of TUI fly the Netherlands and at the Logistics Center of KLM Engineering and Maintenance.

How did you get your current job?

By browsing through LinkedIn and speaking to employees of Sogeti and Capgemini, I was eventually approached by a recruiter who told me about the vacancies and their match to my competencies.

What are your daily operations?

At the Cloud, Development & Data department, daily operations are focused on providing big corporations, multinationals and government agencies based in the Netherlands with cloud solutions. As an IT consultant, the implementation and management of technical solutions is the core of the operations. The solutions provide companies with the necessary infrastructure and know-how to transform their processes into more efficient, modern, cloud-based, agile, and sustainable ways to work.

What do you like the most at your job?

The open culture motivates employees to get the most out of their careers and life. Participation in certifications and courses are supported and applauded, providing a platform for continued development and keeping up-to-date with the newest technological advancements. Through various initiatives, the focus is also put on fighting climate change, promoting diversity and abolishing discrimination. Participation in these incentives is encouraged while there is also room for own initiatives.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My academic career started with an engineering bachelor from which I progressed to a business and management master. In my professional career, I hope to replicate this track and progress from the engineering focus in my current position to a more business and management focused position in the future. On a personal note, I hope to participate in more projects to help fight climate change, promote diversity and inclusivity.

What did you like the most from your education that helps you out nowadays in your work?

Apart from a certain engineering mindset, the programming skills I acquired in Mathematica and Python really helped me to have a certain basis in the IT focused job that I have. Courses on Lean, Agile and Scrum have also proven to be very relevant and not limited to the aviation sector only.

Are you still connected with the Aviation Academy?

Through the alumni group of the Aviation Academy I still receive news on events and updates regularly. Most importantly I meet up with old classmates on a regular basis.