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Dieuwertje Jorink as Service planner @ Invaro

Posted at: 11 Feb 2021 | Faculty of Technology

In 2017, Dieuwertje graduated from the Aviation Engineering track. After that, Dieuwertje fulfilled several jobs. Since then, she has been working as a Service planner at Invaro Services and Supplies. She will tell us something about her experiences after graduation and her outlook on the future.

How did you get your current job?

I got my job via Baanbereik, an old contact of me gave me a call and said: “Dieuwertje, I found your job”. Within 2 weeks I got the job!

What are your daily operations?

Normally I start at 8, take a look on the reports of the day before. Planning; installations, maintenance and malfunctions. Also finish completed orders and invoice them. Every day it is a surprise on what you get.

What do you like the most at your job?

Making happy customers!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully still at Invaro, maybe another function but I love the hectic and every day is different in this function, if it isn’t than another function at a service department.

What did you like the most from your education that helps you out nowadays in your work?

Working under pressure but also with deadlines. Also, a technical look on machines, and the technical background. You will pick-up easily other machines than an airplane.

Are you still connected with the Aviation Academy?

Not anymore, but still have good friendships left from my Academy time