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Back to School with a lecture by Mark Hafkenscheid - 28 April

Subject: Airport Chaplaincy is more than a place to pray


Perhaps for many people the words "airport chaplaincy" will render up images of a small unused chapel in an obscure corner of an airport, ready to receive passengers who are facing their flight with a bit of trepidation, and who are thus in need of a quiet moment. Not so the airport chaplaincy at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The visible presence of the chaplaincy is indeed a place of worship; but one that is new, bright and well attended. Behind the scenes is a thriving ministry meeting the diverse needs of a constant stream of people.

Each and every day, thousands of people travel through Schiphol airport; people of different cultures with different backgrounds and emotions. As in any vast crowd, a high number of them have problems and worries which they would like to share with somebody willing to lend a sympathetic ear.

This means that the chaplaincy is often involved in:

  • Assisting passengers or family in case of the passing away of an immediate family member or other grievous events.
  • Cooperating with Medical Services to assist passengers with psychical or psychological problems.
  • Assisting stranded passengers. This can mean contacting their home or helping to find temporary shelter.
  • Supporting passengers or airport staff by lending a sympathetic ear.

In times of major disasters such as MH17, but also in small incidents, the chaplaincy is always involved at the request of Schiphol. Especially in the current situation of Covid, the chaplaincy plays an important role because more and more passengers are stranded and all rules and possibilities become more and more complex. The chaplaincy tries to be of practical help to relieve the passenger and the organisation of Schiphol.

Do you want to hear more about this service, please join us to the Back to School evening with Mark Hafkenscheid, Airport Chaplain at Schiphol.

Published by  Faculty of Technology 11 March 2021


Start date 28 Apr


19:00 - 21:00


Mark Hafkenscheid