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In 2004, Remco graduated from the Vliegtuigoperatie track. After that, he started working at Schiphol Nederland BV. In 2020 he left Schiphol to focus on the growth of his own company, Fiducie Beheer en Adviesdiensten. He will tell us something about his experiences after graduation and his outlook on the future.

In 2020 I left Schiphol and focused on growth in our company

Remco Slijkhuis - Graduated in 2004 from the Vliegtuigoperatie track

If this isn’t your first job since graduation: what were your other jobs at which companies?

Since my graduation until 2019 I worked for Schiphol Nederland BV. I started in baggage handling and in 2009 switched to Security Policy. My last roll was Security Manager at Lelystad Airport

How did you get your current job?

In 2007 I started the company Fiducie Beheer en Adviesdiensten with my wife Natasja. I had a roll at the background of our company in managing Verenigingen van Eigenaars (VvE’s) and finance of VvE’s. In 2020 I left Schiphol and focused on growth in our company.

What are your daily operations?

Managing Verenigingen van Eigenaars en Real Estate portfolios for various clients.

What do you like the most at your job?

The contact with members and contractors.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In our company with satisfied customers and time for family and friends.

What did you like the most from your education that helps you out nowadays in your work?

Solving problems together like I did in various projects. Communicate in a right and positive way with each other.

Are you still connected with the Aviation Academy?

Not anymore, a couple of years ago I gave a guest lecture.