Aviation Academy

Master of Science: Political Sciences @ VU


Britt studied Master of Science: Political Sciences, track: Global Environmental Governance, Sustainability and Climate Change.

To push my boundaries, personal growth, and broaden my knowledge and perspective on the aviation industry.

Britt Mulder - Alumna 2023 - Track Aviation Logistics

Why did you choose this study?

After my aviation MBO and HBO studies, I wanted to pursue another Master's degree. At MBO, I gained useful operational experience and at HBO I learned to further develop my problem-solving skills. The Master's in Political Science seemed like a valuable extension where I could apply the 'tools' of Political Science to cases within aviation. I am currently considering writing my master's thesis on the extent to which environmental policies based on free-market economics/market principles affect CO2 emissions within the aviation industry.

Could you progress directly from the Aviation Academy or did you need a premaster, for example?

The programme requires a 1-year Pre-Master if you are transferring from HBO. This focuses in particular on improving your research skills and statistical knowledge.

Are there any points that you can focus on while studying at the Aviation Academy that would be in favour of a subsequent study?

Personally, I did not have to take a Pre-Master. I took the Political Sciences Minor during my 3rd year at Aviation and submitted my situation to the admissions committee. In my case, this ensured that I could skip the Pre-Master. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee your future, but it can work in your favour. In addition, it poses a risk to yourself during the master's, as you may fall behind on research skills.

Why would you recommend this study?

The study offers the opportunity to develop yourself further in the field of research. During the Master, you are regularly asked to conduct research according to appropriate guidelines. Personally, I find it important to have these critical qualities when I want to delve into (aviation) discussions. It is also inspiring for me to notice that each research I conduct becomes more and more valuable.

The theories and concepts covered during the master's programme appeal to me. I see many similarities in content with aviation, which offers an alternative and critical perspective on the subject. Whereas I developed a technical and problem-solving understanding of aviation through MBO and HBO, in Political Science I learn to analyse the bigger picture in a methodical and statistical way.

In addition to the Global Environmental Governance track (Focuses on the complexities of global cooperation against environmental degradation from the perspective of politics and international relations), the study also offers Democracy, Power and Inequality (focuses on institutions, power, democracy and representation) and International Relations, Security and Global Order (focuses on the complexities of global power, how conflicts play out in international contexts and how this affects national politics and societies).

What, if anything, would you do differently?

I wouldn't do anything differently. During my HBO, I feel I was able to prepare well enough and take advantage of the opportunities that arose at that time in preparation for the Master's. I feel I chose the right specialisation during the Master's and can apply my knowledge of aviation from the past few years well within political frameworks.

Are there any critical points on your subsequent studies?

Even though the Master's gives you the opportunity to improve your research skills, I recommend working on this already during your HBO. While writing reports, try to pay attention to your notation, research qualities and the quality of your sources. Teach yourself how to do good research. Consider sites such as Scribbr that explain the do's and dont's of research. Research, statistics, and lots of reading are components that might prove tough during the Master's.