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Master Digital Driven Business @ University of Applied Sciences


Daan does his master Digital Driven Business at University of Applied Sciences after he graduated at the Aviation Academy.

To learn more about manipulating, using and visualizing data in a tech-driven landscape

Daan van der Veldt - Alumni 2023 - track Flight Operations Engineering

Why did you choose this study?

I chose to pursue this Master’s program because I felt that I had developed foundational skills in programming but wanted to enhance them further. During my specialization in Flight Operations Engineering, we learned basic programming. Subsequently, for my thesis project at Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland, I utilized flight data to research the continuous descent operations performance at Eindhoven Airport. Through this research, I gained experience in translating large datasets into meaningful insights. I enjoyed this process and realized the need to further enhance my foundational skills.

Could you progress directly from the Aviation Academy or did you need a premaster, for example

There is no required pre-master for this Master’s program. The only prerequisites to consider are basic Python skills and English proficiency. I already possessed some fundamental Python skills due to my specialization and thesis. However, if you have no experience with Python, you are still allowed to enroll in this Master's program but will be required to take an (online) Python course. Regarding English proficiency, a C1 level is required. Completing the Aviation main program (years 2-4) allowed me to demonstrate this level, exempting me from additional English language tests like IELTS. Finally, a bachelor's degree in one of the following domains, along with proficiency in an additional domain, is required:

  • Business Studies (e.g., Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, Economics, Business Administration);
  • Data Science, Informatics, Mathematics, ICT or
  • Technology (i.e. Engineering, Logistics)

Are there any points you can focus on during your studies at the Aviation Academy that would be in favour of further study?

There are several ways to prepare yourself for this Master's program immediately after graduating from the Aviation Academy. One option is to pursue the Flight Operations Engineering specialization program, where you will be introduced to basic Python programming. Another opportunity could involve choosing a minor that focuses on programming, such as Data Science. Additionally, there are numerous online programs offering Python programming courses.

Why would you recommend this study?

Choosing this Master's program is perfect if you're curious about making decisions based on data. It's great for those who want to explore how technology and data can improve businesses. It’s also great for people who are intrested in emerging technolgies such as AI and machine learning. Plus, if you like meeting and working with people from different countries, our class is more than 40% international.

What would you possibly do differently?


Are there any critical points on your further study?

Keep in mind that this Master’s program is created to teach students about digital driven Businesses. The biggest change between my bachelor and my master is that it is more aimed at commercial profitability than I was used to at the Aviation Acedemy. Another big change is the amount of weekly hours I need to spend for my study and the pace of some courses.

More info: Master Digital Driven Business | MDDB - a 1-year Master's degree programme | AUAS (amsterdamuas.com)