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International Supply Chain Management @ Breda University AS


Joey studied International Supply Chain Management at Breda University Applied Sciences after he graduated at the Aviation Academy.

I wanted to further develop myself professionally before entering the working field and this Master's was a perfect fit!

Joey Kleijweg - Alumni 2022 - track Honours Aviation Management

Why did you choose this study?

I am someone who is more practically oriented and I wanted to develop myself in a more professional manner. This HBO-Master offered that opportunity as it also focusses on personal development (i.e. developing leadership skills), more than some other WO-Masters. Moreover, I chose it for its international character, which allows you to learn to collaborate with students from different cultures.

I also wanted to do a Master that was related to aviation. Eventually I ended up being able to write my Master' thesis at KLM Engineering & Maintenance. Another advantage is that this Master only lasts one year and you are able to obtain an MSc. degree like at University.

Could you progress directly from the Aviation Academy or did you need a premaster, for example

If you have obtained your degree in Aviation Logistics/Honours Management or you have done a minor in logistics/ Supply Chain Management, you can start without a pre-master!

You do have to go through a short selection process which comes down to an interview with 2 professors from BUas in which you clarify your motivation to pursue in this Master.

Are there any points you can focus on during your studies at the Aviation Academy that would be in favour of further study?

There are no specific points to focus on. However, it may be useful to choose a minor in the direction of Supply Chain Management to gain prior knowledge. Furthermore, it can also be an advantage for yourself if you are interested in Supply Chain issues outside the aviation industry. Companies like ZARA, Ricoh and Albert Heijn are well known in this program!

Why would you recommend this study?

As it is an HBO-Master program, you develop yourself professionally which means that there is more a “practical” focus on personal skills and growth rather than doing a more theoretical WO-Master program.

The year consists of two semesters. In the first semester, you will learn about leadership theories and how to stimulate change and innovation in organizations. You will also learn how to apply different research methods and learn to think strategically about Supply Chain related issues. You get most of your grades from the assignments you make, so you barely have exams!

In the second semester you will apply all the knowledge you have gained while writing your thesis on a strategic issue related to Supply Chain. This can be done at a company of your own choice and you can also choose to graduate at an aviation related company. The results of your research form the basis for changes within the organization, and you will start with implementing the results by showing your gained leadership skills.

What would you possibly do differently?

I achieved all my goals and actually would not know what I would do differently. Maybe going abroad would have been a nice experience. Hence, if I could, I would do the year over in a second haha!

Are there any critical points on your further study?

Breda buzzes and is a very pleasant city to go out, especially with carnival it is very tempting to put the Master on hold for a (short) while 😉.

More info: https://www.buas.nl/en/programmes/master-supply-chain-management