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Friends of AviAssist will host its second networking symposium on the Wednesday April 25th. There will be an interesting line up of speakers connecting safety, human factors and leadership in aviation. Meet other aviation professionals and future employers. Join us to learn about exciting new possibilities to support our work. Once again, the symposium is free, also for non-members. An outstanding organisation like the AviAssist Foundation needs exceptional supporters. Friends of AviAssist was formed in 2015 to support the AviAssist Foundation. Friends play a vital role in the life of AviAssist and their contributions are greatly valued. Since its start, the passion and dedication of committed Friends have enabled hundreds of outstanding African aviation professionals to get access to best safety practices and enrich their careers.

Friends of AviAssist recruits professional volunteers from the Netherlands and beyond to work alongside their African colleagues in promoting aviation safety as resources and trainers. On top of that, Friends of AviAssist raises funds from the membership fees and from grants to support AviAssist Foundation programs. More about Friends of AviAssist on our website .

The symposium includes an exciting international student competition. Seven student teams from ATAERA universities around the world will be competing to come up with the best plan to improve safety during aircraft turn around at Kigali International Airport in Rwanda. 

The half day symposium will be hosted by the the Aviation Academy of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Where & when:

The symposium will take place at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Weesperzijde 190. The venue is located right nextdoor to Amsterdam Amstel train & metrostation. Registration starts at 13.30 with the conference starting at 14.00 hrs. The mini-conference is followed by a networking cocktail from 17.30-18.30 hrs.


Published by  Faculty of Technology 16 April 2018