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Master Class: Operational Processes in Aviation (In-company training for CGI)


The Master Class: Operational Processes in Aviation is developed by the Aviation Academy (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) to support the management of CGI and its partners.

The master class is built around the following main topics:

  • Operational processes of the core players such as airlines, handling, airport, border control and security, etc. at an airport. How these processes are structured and how do they relate to each other?
  • Business models of these key players: What services are provided? What is their position in the market? How their activities are financed and what is the profit of these organizations? What is the impact on the capacity of the aviation system, operational processes and mutual cooperation?
  • Main future trends: What limitations and challenges are the core players going to face in the near future? How will that affect the profitability, collaboration and operational processes? What do these developments mean for the competitive position of Schiphol and the Dutch regional airports?
  • Dealing with changes in processes at an airport: What is a multi-stakeholder approach? Which forms of cooperation are needed to achieve proposed solutions? Managing transitions: the changes to take effect along with other key players; the importance of the recognition of culture, and method of organizations and (so) the need to develop soft skills.
  • The last session will focus on how the participants can apply the lessons learnt in their own business environment and what skills they need to function properly in changing conditions.

Course dates in 2019: 

5th and 26th of September, 17th of October, 7th and 28th of November and 19th of December 2019.
Course time: 17:00-21:00

For further information about InCompany courses please send an email to aviation.academy@hva.nl

Published by  Faculty of Technology 31 October 2019