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AI Application in Transport and Logistics

Opportunities and Challenges (An Exploratory Study)


The aim of this research/project is to investigate and analyze the opportunities and challenges of implementing AI technologies in general and in the transport and logistics sectors. Also, the potential impacts of AI at sectoral, regional, and societal scales that can be identified and chan- neled, in the field of transport and logistics sectors, are investigated.

Special attention will be given to the importance and significance of AI adoption in the development of sustainable transport and logistics activities using intelligent and autonomous transport and cleaner transport modalities. The emphasis here is therefore on the pursuit of ‘zero emissions’ in transport and logistics at the urban/city and regional levels. Another goal of this study is to examine a new path for follow-up research topics related to the economic and societal impacts of AI technology and the adoption of AI systems at organizational and sectoral levels. This report is based on an exploratory/descriptive analysis and focuses mainly on the examination of existing literature and (empirical) scientific research publica- tions, previous and ongoing AI initiatives and projects (use cases), policy documents, etc., especially in the fields of transport and logistics in the Netherlands. It presents and discusses many aspects of existing challenges and opportunities that face organizations, activities, and individuals when adopting AI technology and systems.

Reference El Makhloufi, A. (2023). AI Application in Transport and Logistics: Opportunities and Challenges (An Exploratory Study). (2023 ed.) CoE City Net Zero, Faculty of Technology, Amsterdam Univeristy of Applied Sciences.
Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 1 March 2023

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Mar 2023



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