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Measuring safety in aviation

developing metrics for safety management systems


As part of their SMS, aviation service providers are required to develop and maintain the means to verify the safety performance of their organisation and to validate the effectiveness of safety risk controls. Furthermore, service providers must verify the safety performance of their organisation with reference to the safety performance indicators and safety performance targets of the SMS in support of their organisation’s safety objectives. However, SMEs lack sufficient data to set appropriate safety alerts and targets, or to monitor their performance, and no other objective criteria currently exist to measure the safety of their operations. The Aviation Academy of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences therefore took the initiative to develop alternative safety performance metrics. Based on a review of the scientific literature and a survey of existing safety metrics, we proposed several alternative safety metrics. After a review by industry and academia, we developed two alternative metrics into tools to help aviation organisations verify the safety performance of their organisations.

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Reference Papanikou, M., & Roelen, A. (2020). Measuring safety in aviation: developing metrics for safety management systems. Aviation Academy, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.
1 January 2020

Publication date

Jan 2020


A. Roelen
R. de Boer
N. Karanikas
S. Kaspers
S. Piric
R. van Aalst
A. Vardy
A. Plioutsias


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