Centre for Applied Research in Education

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Prof Ron Oostdam is research director of the Centre for Applied Research in Education at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) where he is also professor of Learning and Instruction. He is affiliated to the Research Institute of Child Development and Education of the University of Amsterdam as special (endowed) professor of Educational Learning Processes.

In recent years, he has led various national and international research projects on early childhood education, primary and secondary education and higher education. He has conducted research on reading and writing didactics, curriculums for literature and reading attitudes, training and assessment of language skills and IT learning environments. Other topics include research on learning disabilities, self-regulated learning, curriculum implementation, lecturer identity assessment, critical thinking skills, intelligence testing and learning potential.

He has authored and co-authored a large number of articles and textbooks both nationally and internationally and is involved in several international networks. His most recent international publications can be found here.