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dr. H.M.M. van Vliet (Harry)

Professor of Impact of Practice-based Research
Work address:
Benno Premselahuis, Rhijnspoorplein 1, 1091 GC Amsterdam
Postal address:
Postbus 40,1000 AA Amsterdam
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Lectoraat Doorwerking Praktijkgericht Onderzoek
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Dr. Harry van Vliet was appointed as the professor of the new AUAS-wide research group, Impact of Practice-based Research, in January 2021. He has more than 13 years’ experience as a professor. From 2013 to 2019, he was Professor of Crossmedia at AUAS, carrying out research into areas such as digital innovations in museums, media wisdom, festival experiences, media strategy, crowdsourcing, retail, cross media and the Dutch festival landscape.

Prior to this, Van Vliet was Professor of Crossmedia Business at University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (2007-2013) and Scientific Director at the UCreate Centre of Expertise at University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Van Vliet studied Psychology and Film and Television Studies in Utrecht, obtaining his PhD in 1991 from the Faculty of Letters at Utrecht University.

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