Centre for Applied Research in Education

Learning and Instruction

The Learning and Instruction research group defines tailored learning and instruction as the alignment of the circumstances for teaching and learning with the differences between pupils. In this regard, the basic principle is that all pupils have unique development opportunities, so education should take account of this variety among pupils. To deal with differences, one must start with these differences. A proper teaching methodology will allow all pupils to reach their full potential and will make them feel at home. This vision marks the key importance of tailored learning and instruction.


In the experience of teachers in primary and secondary education, the differences between pupils are increasing. The composition of the school population is growing more diverse, while the current generation of pupils has more specific needs and interests than before. Moreover, schools are becoming better at detecting and diagnosing issues, which produces a clearer picture of any differences between pupils. Finally, schools increasingly face assertive parents whose demands to provide their child with tailored learning continue to expand.

These developments practically force schools to consider replacing the traditional model of teachers exchanging knowledge in classes with forms of education that are more closely aligned with the talents of individual pupils. Generally speaking, customisation is a key focus area within the field of education. This trend exists even outside the traditionally experimental schools, which combine an approach to variety among pupils with a range of modifications that have a significant impact on not only the school organisation, but also the teachers and pupils. Almost all schools include the provision of tailored learning in their quality agenda, and initiatives or developments in this regard are present in most schools.

Mission of the professorship

The professorship and the knowledge network have defined the following mission: to gather and develop scientific knowledge as well as practical insights into the manner in which primary and secondary schools can tailor their learning to suit pupils with diverse backgrounds, individual educational needs as well as specific development opportunities, together with current and prospective teachers, and to make this knowledge and these insights applicable.

Published by  Centre for Applied Research in Education 13 October 2021