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Feeding forward and feeding back

language nourishment for subject teachers


The bilingual education standard agreed by the Network for Dutch Bilingual schools requires subject teachers to be able to provide feedback on their learners’ language use. But this is not as easy as it seems. What type of language do learners produce in subject lessons? What language aspects could the feedback focus on, and how is this best done? In this workshop, we will look at various types of feedforward and feedback that teachers can use to support and develop their learners’ subject-specific language. By watching videos of pre-vocational learners performing tasks, we will focus on finding ways to support learners’ spoken language. At the end of the workshop, teachers will have gained insight into the principles of feedback and feedforward, will have designed feedback/forward activities and will have applied both to videotaped performances.

Reference Dale, L., & van Batenburg, E. (2017). Feeding forward and feeding back: language nourishment for subject teachers. Paper presented at National CLIL Day, Utrecht, Netherlands.
Published by  Centre for Applied Research in Education 1 January 2017

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Jan 2017


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