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From efficiency to reduction

Tackling energy consumption in a cross-disciplinary perspective


This book presents the results of the international research project CODALoop: Community Data Loop for Energy Conscious Lifestyles. It dissects the energy practices that make urban households demanding energy in their daily life and reveals the pathway towards reducing this energy demand.<br/><br/>To unpack energy practices, the authors of this volume move away from efficiency problems studying the interaction between human and new technologies. Instead, they use a repertoire of different analytical instruments to study how interaction between humans, and between humans and data, change the social norms that shape energy needs.<br/>The volume offers a synthesis of a cross-disciplinary study of energy reduction carried out in three different countries through multiple methodological approaches. The project at the source of the book was funded under the Joint Program Initiative 'Urban Europe' and the ERA-net framework.<br/>

Reference Savini, F., Pineda Revilla, B., Pfeffer, K., & Bertolini, L. (Eds.) (2020). From efficiency to reduction: Tackling energy consumption in a cross-disciplinary perspective. InPlanning . https://doi.org/10.17418/B.2019.9789491937439
1 January 2020

Publication date

Jan 2020


Federico Savini
Beatriz Pineda Revilla
Karin Pfeffer
Luca Bertolini


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