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Triple Helix (3H): Where Are Europe's Cities Standing?


What is the triple helix? The triple helix (3H) of university-industry-government relations has become one of the most popular innovation models in the last two decades. What is the relevance for cities? How can they grow their economies using triple helix approaches? What can we learn from cases across Europe and from URBACT networks that dealt with this theme?

Reference van Winden, W., & de Carvalho, L. (2015). Triple Helix (3H): Where Are Europe's Cities Standing? In W. van Winden, & L. de Carvalho (Eds.), New urban economies: How can cities foster economic development and develop ‘new urban economies’ (pp. 10-14). (Urbact II capitalisation). URBACT.

Publication date

Apr 2015


Luís de Carvalho
Luís de Carvalho


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