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getting smart with data


You are about to enter the world of electric mobility, more specifically the world of public-charging infrastructure for electric mobility. Over the past five years, we – researchers, teachers and students, together with municipalities, research institutes and companies – have gathered and analysed the charging data of public-charging infrastructure in the Netherlands. Together, we wanted to get smart, based on data, facts and figures. We have achieved this through experiments, evaluations of roll-out policies, and by developing computational models to simulate the future. There are many ways to determine whether, where and what charging infrastructure to install. Demand-driven roll-out strategies have been applied next to the strategic placement of charging stations. Both regular and fast charging points have been installed and monitored. Stand-alone charging stations with two sockets, and charging hubs have been put in place. Smart-charging experiments have been executed at AC charging stations, and battery packs for solar energy storage have been installed.

This book captures five years of research results on the roll-out of public-charging infrastructure. We don’t expect you to read it from A to Z! In order to find the subject of your interest, we have developed the 4-5-6 system including icons for each charging infra category, policy field and user group.

Each article is marked with icons based on its content. If you want to read more about taxis, choose the articles with the taxi icon. Do you want to know more about charging hubs? Choose the articles with the icon for a charging hub. Colour codes direct you to the appropriate page, or select your articles for the contents overview.

Do you prefer an even quicker read? Take a look at the take-aways that come with almost each and every article. Are you interested in the full scientific background? Scan the QR code given in the article and access the scientific article or report directly on the web. Abbreviations used throughout the book are explained in the abbreviation table on page 160-161.

We hope that this book will inspire, make you a little smarter and well equipped to take the right decision regarding charging infrastructure roll-out, e-mobility or the renewable energy transition.

Reference van den Hoed, R., Maase, S., Helmus, J., Wolbertus, R., el Bouhassani, Y., Dam, J., Tamis, M., & Jablonska, B. (2019). E-mobility: getting smart with data. Hogeschool van Amsterdam.
Published by  Faculty of Technology 20 June 2019

Publication date

Jun 2019


Robert van den Hoed
Jan Dam
Bronia Jablonska


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