Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Centre for Applied Research on Business and Economics

Mission and Vision

What we do and why we do it

CAREM engages in applied scientific research in the fields of economics and management in order to offer practical innovative knowledge to professionals working in the complexity of their metropolitan context.


The Centre of Applied Research on Economics and Management at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences seeks to offer an inspiring environment where knowledge is developed in a responsive manner. The research that CAREM conducts into professional fields of practice involves lecturers, students, and those in the professional field. In this way we are making demonstrable contributions to keeping both the related AUAS Bachelor’s programmes up-to-date as well as revitalising the knowledge available to the professional field.


The world around us is constantly changing - and entrepreneurs, professionals and degree programmes in economics and management are changing with it. Research is necessary to give all parties a clear understanding of the reality they face and to help them anticipate and innovate. We carry out this research in different research groups (professorships), each with its own expertise, based on a joint research programme titled ‘Responsive enterpreneurship and learning in a metropolitan area'.