Centre for Applied Research on Business and Economics


Insights from the crossroads of entrepreneurship and metropolitan society

Delivering insights that better equip the professionals and entrepreneurs of Amsterdam for the challenges brought on by their daily practice is a first priority for an institute for applied research such as CAREM.

Research forms the beating heart of our institute. How we choose topics to add to our array of applied research projects is governed both by the CAREM research programme. Its tenets result in a series of PhD and other research projects allocated across five distinct professorships.

AUAS’ twin focal points

This research programme expresses the ambitions of the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) to contribute to the AUAS’ twin focal points of Urban Management and Entrepreneurship.

Partner in applied research

Researchers at CAREM are always on the lookout for new and fascinating problems and opportunities to research. Contact us with any topics you’d like us to consider.