Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Centre for Applied Research on Business and Economics

the 4th AUAS – NU Research Seminar

Monday 21st June 2021


In this 4th Research Seminar, the awardees of the 2nd round (October 2020) of the Pump Prime fund Call will share their research and outcomes with interested NU and AUAS colleagues.

At the end of 2019, the Northumbria University (NU) and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) issued a Pump Priming fund that supports collaborative research projects between the universities. The purpose of the call is to deliver on the aims and objectives identified in the Joint Research Strategy (JRS) as the partnership aims to foster research collaborations and mutual support between the two universities, with the objective to develop and strengthen joint research ventures.

The three priority areas of the Joint Research Strategy are:

• Urban Sustainability and Entrepreneurship

• Digital Living and Critical Aware Design

• Equality and Social Justice

In total we will have 6 Pecha Kucha type of presentations:

  • Project Fenix: Learning from failure and success based on stories of entrepreneurs
  • Gaming Doughnut Economics: Pervasive play, city resilience and spatial justice
  • Children and physical activity in urban environments: How to promote behaviour change, motivation to exercise, motor skill development & exercise adherence?
  • Transforming Distance Education: The Design Studio of the Future
  • Blockchain for algorithmic environmental justice
  • The future of three city- regions: Amsterdam, London and Newcastle to 2030. Governance, Public Policy and the Centrality of the University


Start date 21 Jun


15:00 - 16:30