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Centre for Applied Research on Business and Economics

Differentiated HRM (dHRM)

New Labour Relations: Working and learning in and beyond the organisation of the 21th century.

The research scope of the dHRM research group includes both the organisation and the organisational environment. The research projects always occur in cooperation with practitioners in organisations, teachers and students. Through its action research approach, the research group strives to contribute to meaningful solutions for organisational and societal problems. It always focus on the diversity of people and organisations.

The overall research question driving the HRM research group is: What is the meaning of new labour relations/ employment relations for human resource management, given the importance of all citizens’ societal participation and the continuing need for learning and professionalization in the knowledge society?

The HRM research group’s program distinguishes two research lines:

1) new labour employment relations and the labour market


2) new employment relations within the organisation

Dr. M.G.M. Meerman (Martha)

Lector Gedifferentieerd HRM

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