Centre for Applied Research on Business and Economics

Diversity in Professional Expertise

Learning and Working Intertwined, Outline for a Research Programme


This position paper presents an outline for a research programme for the lectorate in Differentiated Human Resource Management (DHRM) of the Centre of Applied Research (CAREM), part of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. It addresses the theme of “learning and working” and is the result of collaboration between academic researchers and representatives from the business community and professional education.

The aim of this position paper is, in the first place, to identify the issues in the changing relationship(s) between learning and working, given the diversity of employees and their expertise. In the second place these can then serve as a context for formulating the potential contours of a new research programme. On this basis, we present the issues that will form the focus of research over the 2014–2018 period.


Meerman, M. en Zijlstra, A. (2015). Diversity in Professional Expertise: Learning and Working Intertwined, Outline for a Research Programme. In: Continuing Education, Publisher: Saint Petersburg State University, pp. 35-48.

Publication date

Mar 2015


Martha Meerman