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The SAGE handbook of international higher education


This groundbreaking handbook serves as a guide to internationalization of higher education and offers new strategies for its further development and expansion in the years to come. With a decidedly global approach, this volume brings together leading experts from around the world to illustrate the increasing importance of internationalization. International Education as we have known it has evolved from a fragmented approach on study abroad and international students into a strategic and comprehensive internationalization concept that affects all aspects of higher education. The text encompasses the diversity and breadth of internationalization of higher education in all its thematic facets and regional impacts.

The handbook comprises five sections and twenty five chapters. The first section includes chapters placing internationalization of higher education in a conceptual and historic context. The second section presents chapters with different thematic approaches to internationalization, including leadership, institutional strategies, and risk management.

The third section contains chapters addressing the internationalization of the curriculum, teaching and learning process and intercultural competencies, along with the synergy of local and global contexts. The fourth section focuses on the abroad dimension of internationalization and comprises chapters on the mobility of students, scholars, institutions, programs and projects. The concluding section maps regional trends in international education and provides insightful directions of the future of internationalization in the 21st century. Throughout, chapters provide practical examples and case studies in an effort to bring theory and practice together.

Reviews on the SAGE website.

Reference Deardorff, D. K., de Wit, H., Heyl, J. D., & Adams, T. (Eds.) (2012). The SAGE handbook of international higher education. SAGE Publications.

Publication date

Jan 2012


Darla K. Deardorff
Hans de Wit
John D. Heyl
Tony Adams


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