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Global at home

Internationalisation at home in the 4th Global Survey


The 4th Global Survey of the International Association of Universities (Egron-Polak & Hudson, 2014), is a fitting topic for this publication for three reasons. First, because Hans de Wit has been closely involved, through his membership of the Advisory Committee, with the Global Surveys, while at the same time raising critical questions about its outcomes (see e.g., de Wit & Beelen, 2014). He also critiqued the conceptualisation of internationalisation as mobility only and advocated Internationalisation at Home as a means to provide internationalisation opportunities to all students (see e.g., de Wit & Jones, 2012; de Wit & Jooste, 2014).

Reference Beelen, J. (2016). Global at home: Internationalisation at home in the 4th Global Survey. In E. Jones, R. Coelen, J. Beelen, & H. de Wit (Eds.), Global and local internationalization (pp. 55-65). (Global perspectives on higher education; Vol. 34). Sense Publishers.

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Jan 2016


Jos Beelen

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