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CET Meet-up #3

Economic Transformation themes in your program/curriculum


We hear it all the time… the impact of energy, circular, labour and digital transformations are fundamentally changing the world we live in and way business is being done. What does this mean for how we teach? And, how are we addressing economic transformation themes in our programs and curricula?

Are you interested in accelerating businesses to be sustainable, just and future proof?

Join us for our next Meetup #3, on Monday, June 21 from 16.00-17.00 to learn from others about approaches to updating curricula and be inspired regarding new initiatives to create multidisciplinary learning programs.

For this session we are pleased to have two colleagues who will share their experiences and ideas. We look forward to hearing your questions, challenges and ideas as well.


16:00 | Welcome and introductions via the chat

16:10 | Community Ecosystem updates

16:20 | Speaker: Marc Brunnekreeft, lecturer CE

16:30 | Speaker: Rob Hagen, lecturer M&O

16:40 | Q&A

17:00 | Close

Do you want to share an event or project during the meetup announcements? Or, do you have suggestions for accelerating sustainable, just and future proof business practices?

We look forward to hearing from you! You can share your ideas, questions via:

Or by joining the CET Teams Community.

In the Teams Channel you can post questions and share relevant information with colleagues in the General area. The channel has the following sub-themes:

    • interesting Events,
    • teaching Materials / Resources
    • items of Inspiration
    • Possible Funding/ Subsidies resources
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16:00 - 17:00