Centre for Financial Innovation

Working for quality alternatives for financing medium and small sized businesses


The Centre for Financial Innovation (CFI) of the Amsterdam University of Applied Science (AUAS) together with innovative entrants to the financial markets such as crowd funding platforms and fintech businesses, demands quality for running a business and dealing with clients. This contributes to the trust of medium and small businesses (sme) and supervisors in these loan providers as a quality alternative to traditional banking.

In particular, the smaller businesses have difficulty finding finance from the established parties on the financial market. Entrants to the market providing loans that use an innovative business model or techniques such as big data and AI can offer a solution to this problem of obtaining finance. In their turn they are looking for a legitimate market position for which both the trust of clients and the supervisors of the Authority for Financial Markets and the Dutch National Bank is essential.

The supervisors allow the non-banking financers the room to expand and to gain a market share from the banks. The risk of unforeseen circumstances on the financial market could damage clients thereby increases.

Robust management and transparent and honest client information.

The innovative entrants are at an early stage of self regulation in order to reduce these risks. The CFI of the HvA together with supervisors, companies and medium and small business clients investigates which demands of quality for a robust management, transparency and honest client information contribute to the trust in innovative financial products and which concrete changes businesses should make.

The research offers elements that can be used to develop standards for non-banking financers, and in addition the research project offers instruments to measure whether businesses apply these standards.



In research by RAAK-sme the focus is on a sme question. Universities of applied science and other learning institutions and at least six medium and small businesses carryout consortium research into practical applicable solutions.


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Together with organisations and companies, Centre for Financial Innovation (CFI) seeks solutions for current challenges in the field of finance and accounting. Big data, AI, ethical dilemmas and sustainability require a different way of working. CFI offers insight through research, practical recommendations and tools, and transfers this knowledge to students and professionals.

Project Info

Start date 01 Sep 2020
End date 01 Oct 2022


Fred Huibers (Contactpersoon)