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ACCESS2CAPITAL: to creatively and prudently arrive at a proper finance mix for the creative sector



For the cultural and creative sector access to financing is a challenge. Every mode of finance has its own access route and there is little communication between access points.

The sector also suffers from a lack of knowledge and skills on the supply side to determine how financial resources may be applied in the most effective manner. The sector is seen as high-risk, dependent on subsidies and with little to protect investor interests. Finally, financing needs are very diverse and the size of investment required is on average a lot lower than in other sectors.

Building an infrastructure for growth in the creative sector

The professorship Corporate Governance & Leadership is developing a project to build an infrastructure for the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam (MRA) that will contribute to growth for the creative sector – together with Cultuur-Ondernemen and supported by the Amsterdam Economic Board. The infrastructure will allow Amsterdam to profile itself as a centre of expertise in the area of financial and corporate services.

For more information about this project please contact professor Frank Jan de Graaf.

Project Info

Start date 10 Dec 2013


Willem Landman