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Finance Lab: graduation projects



The bachelor program business economics and the professorship of Corporate Governance and Leadership want to contribute to financial innovation and sustainability in the Amsterdam region. To this end, research projects have come underway among students. Also other educational programmes of the AUAS participate in this programme now and then.

From December 2013 onwards a number of research projects have come underway among students of the cluster Finance & Accounting.

Alternative forms of Financing (2013 - 2014)

SMEs have traditionally been dependent on banks for their lines of credit. For various reasons - from both the supply side as well as demand - this mode of financing has decreased a lot in recent years. The shrinkage is most evident in the market for business credit lines below 250,000 Euros: banks are noticeably receding from their traditional intermediary role here and this trend is expected only to continue. Technology is however paving the way though for more a direct access path to investors.

The importance of SMEs to the Dutch economy makes it crucial to see that business owners do continue to find more differentiated options for their finance mix. This calls for, firstly, the availability of more diverse options, and secondly that business owners learn about their availability.

2014 - 2015

The finance lab has started. Students business economics do research and develop financial instruments for companies on arising new technologies and issues. For example, two students assessed the impact of arising Bitcoin technology on the financial sector.

2015- 2016

Various new projects around sustainable finance and technological innovation have started at the Finance Lab.


The graduation research projects have been coordinated by Nicolien Ariens together with the professorship of Corporate Governance & Leadership and several partners, a.o. Cultuur-Ondernemen, Qredits and the Vereniging van Kredietunies..

For more information about this project please contact Nicolien Ariens, coordinator or professor Frank Jan de Graaf.

Project Info

Start date 10 Dec 2013