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Researching ethical leadership



The professorship Corporate Governance & Leadership is carrying out qualitative research into ethical leadership together with AUAS students. The aim of the research is to determine what sort of ethical leadership is deemed important in the daily practice of the financial sector. To find out, the characteristics of the most appreciated leaders are being inventoried.


From 2012 to 2013 students of the minor Inspiring Leadership carried out research into the nature of ethical leadership in the financial sector and corporate services. Students from the Finance honours programme and students in the Investment minors took interviews in among the student cohorts of 2012/2013. Not only concerning itself with the results, the research took the experience of the participating students into account. This lead to an internal publication 'Between prudence and performance in finance & accounting'. The publication served as starting point of a dialogue about the curriculum and professional practice.


Since 2014 the methodology developed in this project is being used in various other courses of the AUAS. Also, two research papers have been written, based on this research. Various tools are emerging.

Publication 'Between prudence and performance in finance & accounting’ (in Dutch)

Project Info

Start date 01 Jan 2012
End date 01 Jan 2014


Willem Landman
Hans Krabbe