Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Marie S. Curie fellowship opportunity

Expression of Interest open until 25 June 2020


The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences has opened an Expression of Interest for the Horizon 2020-funded Marie S. Curie fellowship programme, which offers international postdoctoral researchers the opportunity to apply for a grant to work alongside AUAS professors in Amsterdam for a 1-2 year period.

Under the Marie S. Curie fellowship programme interested international researchers can apply to work with one of the eight participating professors. These submissions will be reviewed and if there is a ‘match’ the duos – fellow candidate and professor – will apply for the joint grant via the current 2020 Marie S. Curie fellowship round.

Please note that the application deadline for interested candidates to apply to the AUAS is 25 June 2020.

AUAS participating professors

The following professors are interested in hosting international researchers:

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Research Group, Faculty of Business & Economics:

Dr Willem van Winden, Professor Urban Economic Innovation

Van Winden’s research focuses on innovative coalitions in the city, aimed at making the city more sustainable and more attractive. He has published many international comparative studies, on topics such as urban innovation, cities in the knowledge economy, smart cities, economic transitions, and economic clusters.

Dr Ingrid Wakkee, Professor Entrepreneurship

In her research, Wakkee concentrates on topics related to entrepreneurial failure and recovery, sustainable and social entrepreneurship, and the interaction between universities and industries. Most of her research adopts a social capital or social network perspective.

Dr Lori DiVito, Professor Collaborative Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Divito studies inter-organisational relations in the context of ecological and social sustainability. Her research focuses on the textile and fashion industry and she recently conducted a longitudinal study of a collaboration to understand in more depth how competitors collaborate together to improve sustainability impact.

These 3 Innovation & Entrepreneurship professors welcome the opportunity to host an international post-doctoral researcher to work on research in the area of economic and industrial transformation towards a circular society.

Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries:

Dr Geert Lovink, Director of the Institute of Network Cultures

Lovink’s research focuses on critical internet research, applied digital publishing, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and finance, and critique of social media.

Dr Ir. Troy Nachtigall, Professor of Fashion Research and Technology

Nachtigall’s main research interest concerns human computer interaction, sustainability, and data science for fashion.

Dr Tamara Witschge, Professor of Crossmedia

Witschge's research includes the role of media and design in social innovation, creativity and innovation in the cultural industries and journalism, and playful, creative, practice-based methodologies.

Dr Martijn de Waal, Professor of Play and Civic Media

De Waal’s research focus is on the relation between digital media and public space, with specific interest in civic media and digital placemaking.

Faculty of Sports and Nutrition:

Dr Peter Weijs, Professor of Nutrition and Exercise

Weijs studies ageing, sarcopenia, exercise intervention, protein intervention, physiology and applied science. The participant will be involved in ongoing research, supervising PhD students, writing articles and research grants and will work alongside Dr Weijs, Dr Michael Tieland and/or other experts, depending on their area of interest.

Apply today

The following practical matters should be noted:

  • Interested candidates should send the following to Maren Pannemann (see contact button below) by 25 June 2020:
    - their CV
    - a one-page summary of their intended research project
    - the name of the AUAS professor they are interested in working with.
  • Researchers around the world can apply for the programme, although they are subject to the Dutch regulations concerning international mobility, such as work visas.
  • International applicants must have a doctorate degree and be living abroad or have been in the Netherlands for no longer than 1 year.
  • If there is a match, AUAS (and the professor involved) will assist the researcher with the grant application. The call deadline is 9 September.
  • If the grant application is successful (to be announced in Spring 2021) the researcher(s) will be employed by the AUAS for a period of 1-2 years. Their salary will be paid by the EU via the grant.

The expression of interest has now closed.

Published by  Communication 26 June 2020


Start date 08 Jun 2020
End date 25 Jun 2020