Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

UASNL webinar

Impact-driven research in action


Join the virtual seminar and find out how applied research is tackling societal challenges, hosted by UASNL: Universities of Applied Sciences Netherlands.

UASNL is an informal collaboration of 14 Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS), who work together to strengthen their European research profile. Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences ia among them. Through its EU office in Brussels, UASNL contributes to policy developments, builds European partnerships and shows the value of Impact Driven Research in answering the challenges Europe faces.

On 29 October 2020, UASNL will host an online event to introduce itself to stakeholders and showcase the impact of applied research in action. AUAS employees, students and external partners are welcome to join.

AUAS Professor of Urban Economic Innovation, Willem van Winden, is among the event speakers and will discuss applied research and the energy transition.

The event will focus on best practices of applied research in relation to modern day challenges such as the Corona crisis, the energy transition and the way Universities of Applied Sciences adapt the SDG’s.

Published by  Communication 8 October 2020


Start date 29 Oct


15:30 - 17:00