Diversity Day


Diversity Day represents a day of unity, which we celebrate not only on this specific day, but also throughout the entire week, with various and, of course, diverse activities across our campuses.

On October 3rd, it's that time again: the day when the entire Netherlands focuses on diversity and inclusion. However, for a broad and diverse institution like ours, one Diversity Day is simply insufficient. That's why the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) initiates Diversity Week on October 3rd!
Diversity Week is undoubtedly a festive occasion, but we do not lose sight of the work that needs to be done. The issues and differences prevalent in society are naturally mirrored at HvA as well. Therefore, all HvA campuses are committed to a collective responsibility to ensure that every student and staff member feels welcome, at home, challenged, safe, and receives equal opportunities.

Tuesday, October 3rd

It's the phrase that often brings many discussions to an unsatisfactory end: "Let's agree to disagree." During Diversity Week, we encourage conversations to persist, urging everyone to keep engaging with one another, and most importantly, to continue listening to each other. What needs to change in society? And what improvements can be made at HvA?We'd love to hear what you think!
Location: Amstelcampus

Wednesday, October 4th

"Go woke, go broke," is a well-known phrase. But is that really the case? How do large companies address sensitive societal issues? And how do they ensure that a focus on diversity benefits them? And, more importantly, is that an ethical thing to do? At the Business Campus, Faculty of Business and Economics, we will explore not only the moral aspects but also the business dimensions of diversity.
Location: Corry Tendeloohuis, Fraijlemaborg 133

Thursday, October 5th

Not every student feels comfortable in a gym class, healthy food doesn't have the same definition for everyone, and the world of sports demands inclusive management. How do you, as a gym teacher, dietitian, or manager, address these challenges? At the Sports and Nutrition Campus, Faculty of Sports and Nutrition, we will delve into promoting vitality for everyone: within the faculty, throughout the city, and in our respective fields. Join us and become a part of this movement!
Location: Dr. Meurerhuis, Dr. Meurerlaan 8

Friday, October 6th

It may be a cliché, but it carries significant meaning: "Don't judge a book by its cover." Far too often, we pass judgment and condemn individuals based on appearances, without ever engaging in a conversation with them. At the Health Campus, Faculty of Health, we will confront our biases.
Location: Nicolaes Tulphuis, Tafelbergweg 51

From students to staff and other interested individuals: Diversity Week at HvA is for everyone. All the various faculties extend a warm invitation to you!

Published by  Communication 26 September 2023


Start date 03 Oct
End date 06 Oct