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Inaugural lecture mw. D.M.E. Griffioen (Didi) PhD

Higher Education, Research and Innovation

Inaugural lecture

Inaugural lecture Didi Griffioen: Higher Education’s Responsibility for Balanced Professionalism

Most higher education alumni work in professional fields, making higher education responsible for the provision of high-quality professionalism throughout society. However, higher education does not yet fulfil its role as a provider of methodologies for the renewal of professionalism.
In this lecture, Didi Griffioen outlines the characteristics of professionalism, asserting that current methodologies for the continuous renewal of different elements of professionalism are lacking. By positioning itself as provider of these methodologies, higher education can play a more relevant role in society while also contributing to its own professional renewal and innovativeness.

This inaugural lecture is held as a closing session of The Higher Education Conference (HEC) 2019, which is being organised this year in Amsterdam at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.


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Published by  Communication 4 November 2019