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UASNL lunch session: applied research & inclusive societies

The role of applied research in creating an inclusive society


Curious to learn more about the role that universities of applied sciences play in creating inclusive societies? Join the UASNL online lunch session on 22 September 2021. As part of a series of lunch sessions focused on the SDGs and applied research, these events cover how applied research contributes to societal impact.

Diversity & Inclusion are high-priority topics on the EU-agenda. The European population is getting more diverse, and creating an inclusive society is challenging. Universities of applied sciences are doing much research on diversity & inclusion and we know education itself plays a very important role as well.

During this lunch session we explore how educational institutions can become more inclusive and how they can contribute to an inclusive society by conducting applied research in an international setting. It appears there is no one size fits all measure to improve social and educational inequities which makes the research very challenging. Also collaborations with stakeholders in informal and non-formal educational organisations and municipalities are key for achieving impact. The speakers in this lunch session will elaborate on the role of applied research in creating an inclusive society by participating in EU-project like #Multinclude ( and #IBelong (


This session welcomes contributions from the following speakers:

  • Wâtte Zijlstra, project coordinator #Multinclude and senior researcher Centre of Expertise Global & Inclusive Learning, THUAS
  • Naomi van Stapele, professor Inclusive Education, THUAS (#Multinclude)
  • Mary Tupan, director ECHO, knowledge centre diversity policies (#Multinclude & #IBelong)
  • Patricia Staaf, Malmö University, director for teaching & learning centre (#Multinclude)
  • European Commission, (T.B.C.)

AUAS employees, students and external partners are welcome to join all UASNL events.


UASNL is an informal collaboration of 15 Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS), who work together to strengthen their European research profile. The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is among them. Through its EU office in Brussels, UASNL contributes to policy developments, builds European partnerships and shows the value of Impact Driven Research in answering the challenges Europe faces.

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Published by  Communication 12 July 2021
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Start date 22 Sep


12:00 - 13:15