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Unique Amsterdam cooperation raises sport to a higher level

VU, VUmc, UvA, AMC and AUAS are together establishing the Amsterdam Institute of Sport Science

11 Jul 2014 00:00 | Communication

From 10 July, Amsterdam will have its own Institute of Sport Science, which will study practical issues concerning sport, exercise and health. The Amsterdam Institute of Sport Science (AISS) is a partnership between VU University Amsterdam, VU University Medical Center (VUmc), the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Academic Medical Center (AMC) and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). Through AISS they will seek close cooperation with sport organisations and the Centre for Professional Sports and Education (CTO) Amsterdam.

Research in field labs

AISS will focus primarily on practice-based research into improved performance, exercise and health. The majority of research will take place in field labs. These are physical locations in ‘the field’ with unique testing and measurement facilities where professional and amateur athletes as well as patients can be examined and advised on site. The field labs will include the Bosbaan rowing lake, the Sloterparkbad swimming pool and Sportpark/Sporthal Ookmeer sports centre. A unique field lab will be housed in the Amsterdam Sports Outpatient Centre and Clinic (Amsterdamse Sportpoli en –kliniek). The outpatient clinic will provide high-quality clinical care for injuries and will support athletes in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of such injuries. Non-professional athletes can also visit the clinic for advice on lifestyle and exercise.

Multidisciplinary education

The education provided by AISS with regard to sport, exercise and health will have a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary nature. This is expected to meet a substantial demand from students and professionals in the field. There will be a new joint minor in Sport (higher education with an applied emphasis (hbo) and higher education at research universities (wo)), in which the expertise of the knowledge partners is reflected, such as sports medicine support, training principles, sport and law, and sport and society. A more specific minor in Sport and Performance Psychology has also been developed and will be available from September 2014. Finally, the Topcoach5 programme will be further developed in the form of a professional Master’s programme in High Performance Sport.

Innovation in the Sport Venture Lab

Business and sport will come together in the AISS Sport Venture Lab. This lab will make the knowledge from the field labs available to businesses that want to develop new technological applications, so that the establishment of the AISS will not only benefit professional and amateur sport but also the business community.

Listen to the interview about AISS on BNR Nieuwsradio with professor Cees Vervoorn here .