Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

First junior teachers to start work

Mentoring project for trainee teachers starts at Amsterdam schools

28 Aug 2014 00:00

The first wave of recent teacher graduates will start work as junior teachers at various primary and secondary schools in Amsterdam from September. In order to provide teachers with a better start, the teacher training programme of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) will be the first to conduct a trial project providing intensive support to new teachers this academic year. The idea for a junior teacher programme was conceived by a group of students in the teacher training programme of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

A better start in the classroom

According to Minister Jet Bussemaker (Education, Culture and Science) it is important that teacher training programmes and schools take the support of new teachers seriously: “The junior teacher initiative was developed on the basis of experiences of new teachers. As a new teacher you’re faced with many challenges and are often thrown in at the deep end. Teachers can be given a better start by beginning as junior teachers, with good support in the first years at school.”

During the first two years, junior teachers will receive intensive support and have regular progress meetings. There will also be attention for the substantive and didactic development of teachers in this period, and the teachers will be tested on these areas.

Teachers Agenda

The initiative was conceived by teacher training student Floor de Nooij of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She and five of her fellow students wrote a recommendation for Minister Bussemaker last year, in which they detailed the concept for a junior teacher programme. Bussemaker reacted enthusiastically to the proposal and included the pilot in the Teachers Agenda (Lerarenagenda). The aim of this agenda is to make the teaching profession more attractive by providing better support and greater scope for growth and development.