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Relaunch website Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

9 Sep 2014 16:29 | Communication

As of Wednesday 10 September, the new Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) website is online. The new website offers prospective students outstanding assistance in making all the best choices, whilst at the same time allowing potential employers direct access to appropriate information.

The website is available and easy to view on mobile phone and tablet as well as on desktop. In addition, the site has become a lot easier to manage. Over 100 colleagues have been hard at work this summer to deliver this result.

The most important improvements:

  • prospective students can now compare programmes simply by ticking them;
  • a new portal has been created for employers, where in one overview they can find full work placement information;
  • on various themed pages, visitors can view what AUAS does in a certain theme in the fields of education, research, events, etc.;
  • the design: a fresh online house style has been created, which includes consideration of increased use of mobiles and tablets;
  • the website uses the content management system Hippo making it easier to manage.

Joint effort

Many people within the AUAS have collaborated closely on the new website. Manoek Los, online communication team leader in the Communication Department: ‘Thanks to this AUAS-wide joint cooperation and some excellent harmonisation, as well as a willingness of so many people to put in extra effort over the summer months, this project will be brought in on budget and on time. A proud moment for us all at AUAS!’

Continuous improvement of the website

Over the coming months, editors will continue to work on updating, renewing and improving the site. AUAS makes structural use of the website's visitor statistics, as well as the results of the user research in the usability ab, to keep the site up-to-date.

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