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Dance industry launches innovation platform for students

24 Oct 2014 17:06 | Communication

The dance industry is one of the Netherlands’ great successes. Dutch entertainment company ID&T has been taken over by an American investor, and over the next five years the Netherlands will become the biggest music exporter in Europe. The Open House platform, where start-ups can develop their ideas in the dance industry, will launch on 17 October. Students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) are going to take part in this.

Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp will open the Open House during the Amsterdam Dance Event on Friday, 17 October. The Open House foundation will put start-ups in touch with investors and businesses in the dance industry. “We want to give young entrepreneurs a place to test and try out their ideas directly,” explains CEO of ID&T, Duncan Stutterheim. These young entrepreneurs will come together at the A’DAM tower on the River IJ. Partners of Open House include Ballast Nedam, ABN Amro, TU Delft and the AUAS.


AUAS students of the minor ‘Start up your business in Technology’ will submit and test their ideas in the dance world. ID&T CEO Duncan Stutterheim: “The dance industry is a testing ground from which ideas can be implemented on a broader scale in the future.”

Liselotte van Dijk, founder of the AUAS Startup Tech Centre, under which the minor is offered, shares this view: “This platform gives enterprising students a unique opportunity to step into the festival market in close cooperation with the dance industry. Festivals face essentially the same problems and issues as the city itself, so you can easily scale up your ideas.”


The dance industry plays an important role in Amsterdam’s economy. The Amsterdam Dance Event is estimated to earn the city around 55 million euros (Financieel Dagblad, 5 September). The market is growing rapidly, and visitors to dance events are particularly active on social media. Therefore, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is supporting the initiative with over 500,000 euros in subsidy and ID&T is will invest another 500,000 euros in two years.


The plans already submitted by start-ups include a beer cooler that consumes 50% less energy and a plan to use drones to create light displays.