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World’s first virtual store tour with Google Cardboard

5 Jan 2015 15:47 | Communication

Recently it has become possible to experience virtual reality on your mobile phone using Google Cardboard, a cardboard holder that transforms your smartphone into virtual reality glasses. The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) has developed a world-first virtual store tour using Google Cardboard. Those interested can take a ‘walk’ through the byAMFI Statement Store in 3D in six scenes.

AUAS researcher Jochen Riester explains the innovation: “Experience is becoming a more and more important way for shops and museums to attract and engage customers and visitors. But you can’t really provide the physical experience on the internet. This virtual tour makes it possible to provide customers and visitors with a lifelike experience online.”


Virtual reality was made available to the general public in June 2014 with the introduction of Google Cardboard, which turns your phone into glasses. The app behind it splits the screen in two, so that you can see depth in the image. The AUAS byAMFI Statement Store located on Spui in Amsterdam is the world’s first store to use this technology, enabling potential customers to experience the store remotely.

It works like this: you download the Virtual Reality Tour byAMFI app in the Play Store and place your Android device in the cardboard glasses, after which you receive a voice-over tour of the store. The tour will also be available for iPhone from early 2015. 

Upper picture: Daniël Rommens

Virtual reality growing in popularity

The AUAS Crossmedia Research Group was involved in the development of the virtual tour. Virtual reality is growing in popularity: presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk recently tested VR glasses in the Dutch current affairs talk show De Wereld Draait Door, Google has already presented its own virtual tour of Versailles, and fashion brand Valentino launched a virtual fashion museum. HvA researcher Jochen Riester: “We are proud to count ourselves among these pioneers.” 

Visit using your Android device to download the tour.

The app was developed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers and students and was made possible thanks in part to the support of the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network, a network that develops knowledge on creative applications of disruptive technology (new technology that is accessible to everyone).

Photos: Daniël Rommens.

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