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Look! A healthy neighbourhood going to Yale

22 Jan 2016 12:25 | Communication

Following a successful pitch, prospective professor Lea den Broeder will present the project ‘Look! A healthy neighbourhood’ (KIJK! Een gezonde wijk’) on 16 and 17 April 2016 at the Global Health Innovation Conference at Yale university in the USA. The project will then have a chance to go on to the semi-finals of the GHI Innovation Prize. This award is presented to the project with the biggest social impact on the local community.

The jury will assess the selected projects in terms of their level of innovation, quality and degree of local embeddedness. The best short-term project (less than 3 years) will win 2,000 dollars, with the best long-term project (3 to 6 years) receiving 10,000 dollars. If ‘Look! A healthy neigbourhood’ wins, the money will be used for activities by and with residents of Slotermeer, the neighbourhood where the project is being implemented.

Look! A healthy neighbourhood

The ‘Look A healthy neighbourhood’ project by the researchgroup in Health Contexts activates people to make their own neighbourhoods healthier, thus improving the independence of residents. To do this, the project team and the local residents collect more and better information on the health aspects of the neighbourhood using an app specially developed for this.

Project partners

‘Look! A healthy neigbourhood’ is a cooperation between AUAS (Health Professions and Environment research group and Digital Life research group), the National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM), the Nieuw-West urban district, the Municipal Health Service and neighbourhood organisation Eigenwijks. The project is affiliated to AUAS’ Key Area programme Urban Management’s Fieldlab Nieuw-West. ‘Look! A healthy neigbourhood’ received a RAAK Public subsidy from the Taskforce for Applied Research. The National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection is contributing on the basis of the National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection Strategic Programme.