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Hologram Jungle Wins Students in Motion

Assignment: make the outskirts of Amsterdam appealing to tourists

18 Feb 2016 09:42 | Communication

A virtual jungle in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district? Alderman Eric van der Burg of the City of Amsterdam is enthusiastic about this idea developed by students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). In an exciting final, the student team Urban Jungle won first place with their virtual jungle: holograms projected onto buildings in the Zuidas district. They were given the opportunity to explain their idea at City Hall.

Students in Motion is a special multidisciplinary project week organised by the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries (DMCI) with the AMFI, ICT, CMD, MIC and Communication programmes. At the beginning of February, 2,000 first-year students set to work for the city in project teams, followed and coached online by almost 60 lecturers. Students from the five degree programmes worked together for the first time. They studied how the outskirts of Amsterdam can be made appealing to tourists and residents, which could help reduce the burden of tourism on the city centre.

Intensive project week

Students in Motion was an intensive project week, during which students conducted local inquiries according to the design thinking method, experienced the principles of ‘8 kinds of fun’, prepared questions for speakers during their own college tours and pitched their first concept in a Dragons’ Den. Throughout the week, students submitted assignments through the portfolio website. This included mood boards, mind maps and storyboards, with the coach providing feedback on the uploaded work through the website. The badges, which enabled students to score extra points in addition to the assignments, were a unique feature. 

Promising concepts

Students in Motion 2016 resulted in 247 proposals, each supported by research. Many promising concepts were presented during the final. The expert panel, with members from Amsterdam Marketing, the City of Amsterdam and FabCity, was very enthusiastic about the original and well-thought-out ideas. The students worked hard and the combined expertise of the different degree programmes proved fruitful.

Team Urban Jungle received the most awards. They want to use holograms to create lifelike projections of animals between the tall buildings in the Zuidas district. Passers-by can ‘order’ an animal for 50 cents, and businesses can sponsor an animal. The proceeds will go to the WWF in order to help protect real animals.

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