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AUAS Masterclass for outstanding students

30 Jun 2016 11:14 | Communication

About thirty students from various faculties completed the masterclass for outstanding students in June. This masterclass consisted of eight evenings with inspiring, successful and ambitious Amsterdam residents such as former politicians Felix Rottenberg and Femke Halsema. The series took place for the fourth time and was set up to introduce outstanding students to other ways of learning than during a study programme.

During each of the seven masterclasses and an introductory evening, which were held at De Balie, the focus was on a person with a unique position in society who talked about career and ambitions and how he or she came to be successful. Each masterclass was followed by a dinner during which students had the opportunity to talk further with the speaker and also with each other.

Intellectual career

Third-year accountancy student Tim Jacobs enjoyed the eight evenings. “Compared to what you hear in lectures, it really provided a different perspective on how things work. Some of the speakers talked about their businesses, and others spoke about their careers. It was more about judgement of character and personal experiences.” Femke Halsema talked about her intellectual career during the masterclass on 8 June, which tied in with Tim’s plans for the future. “The masterclasses helped me make up my mind that I would like to pursue a Master’s degree and showed me that I have a very broad range of interests.”

Leave room

Cheryl Klesser, fourth-year student in the Dutch teacher-training programme, was also very positive about the evening with Femke Halsema: “She spoke with us in an open and informal manner, while others focused more on their own achievements.” She also enjoyed the evening with Dianne Zuidema, Deputy Director of Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. The main lesson Cheryl drew from the masterclass is that you don’t have to plan your whole career, and that you should instead leave room for unexpected opportunities and experiences.

The seven speakers for the masterclasses were:

  1. Dianne Zuidema, deputy director of Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
  2. Maurits Groen, owner of a consultancy firm for sustainability issues
  3. Felix Rottenberg, former politician, board member
  4. Rutger Groot Wassink, chairman of the Groen Links political party
  5. Harald Dunnink, designer and co-founder of De Correspondent
  6. Arent van Wassenaer, entrepreneur
  7. Femke Halsema, former politician, board member