Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

AUAS establishes a joint Consortium of European universities

30 Sep 2016 12:28 | Communication

Six universities of applied sciences have established a joint Consortium of European universities and universities of Applied Sciences. These institutions have been brought together around the shared themes of applied research, professional education, focus on our students’ future world of work and the professional development of our staff. This strategic alliance will be officially launched in Amsterdam at the end of November 2016.

Besides the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences the collaborating universities are: Edinburgh Napier University, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences and University College Ghent.

We cooperate to enhance the quality of our education, our research and the contribution we make to regional and urban entrepreneurship and innovation in a European context. We recognize the need and benefits to further internationalise research and education at all partner institutions, to help develop 21st century skills for students and staff and to share solutions on handling inclusion and diversity in a rapidly changing global environment.

We also recognize the need to increase visibility in Europe and will use the Consortium as a platform to meet the objectives of the European Union in the fields of education, training, research and innovation. We believe that by bringing our institutions together, this platform will open up opportunities and enhance the status of our institutions within Europe and in the European Union in Brussels. In addition, we have the opportunity to use the Consortium as a platform to benchmark our institutional policies, management facilities and services and collaborate on an equal footing, respecting their own identity as well as the responsibility of each party. Through collaboration in this Consortium, we will elevate the quality of our educational and research activities to a new and international level and improve our ability to educate our students for a changing labor market.

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