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ISMB-student creates best strategy for Polish Orliks

16 Sep 2016 09:47 | Communication

ISMB-student Jerry-Roy Karg, along with his international student team, won the EASM Student Seminar on 9th September in Warsaw. Eight groups presented their strategic plan to renew Orliks: free accessible multifunctional sport facilities in Poland. Karg’s team invented a strategy where Polish high school girls work as local ambassadors for their Orlik.

Between 2008 and 2013 the Ministry of Sport and Tourism built over 2,600 Orlik sport facilities across Poland, each with an average cost of 300,000 Euros. These Orliks are freely accessible for everyone, but mainly attracts boys who play soccer. Five years after the construction of these Orliks, the facilities are still in a perfect condition. The main problem is the lack of management within the Orlik system, which is why the students needed to answer the main questions: How do we attract more people at the Orliks?

The winning solution

Karg and his team presented the idea where Polish high school girls work as ambassadors for their local Orlik. This idea is inspired by a similar design from the Krajicek Foundation in the Netherlands. In their strategic plan the high school students are asked to organise national volleyball tournaments for girls in the hope that these events will attract more people to the Orliks, subsequently stimulating girls to exercise. This solution was deemed clever and executable according to the jury.

AUAS students

In each of the three finalists group, one AUAS student was present. The following students, led by tutor Jan Luitzen, participated in the seminar: Fleur Bastiaens, Gwen van Beek, Jerry-Roy Karg, Julia Kruthoff from International Sport Management & Business, and Rick Lind from Sport, Management & Business.

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